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But you can eat out every night. Servants are ridiculously cheap. Aid people talk about the servant question quite a lot. The general consensus is that being waited on by poor people makes you feel a bit guilty, but the local rich people have servants too. And it’s a lot better to spread the money around by having people work for you than just to hoard it. You treat them better than local people do, anyway. Of course you have to watch to make sure the servants don’t steal. It seems so stupid of them to do that, and endanger a good job.

Now it means aid that will do nothing of the kind. After all, the last thing the Western governments want is big competitive industries in Bangladesh or Nepal, unless, of course, the Western corporations own them. Furthermore, development happens in cities. Foreign aid is directed mainly at villages. No country ever got rich by having productive small farms. Moreover, project money almost always goes to the richer peasants. After all, they own the land. I have lived in India,Afghanistan and Nepal.

The White Overalls (in Italian ‘Tute Bianche’) felt they were the shock troops of the movement: padded, protected, experienced, and disciplined. They had gone up against the riot police in Italy many times. They were not into smashing up the police; this was a strategy of heavily padded non-violence. From their point of view, if we got to the front undefended we might be massacred. Or, for all they knew, we might lay into the police and involve everybody in a bloodbath. From my point of view, they were being elitist.

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