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By Linda McDowell, Joane P. Sharp

A Feminist thesaurus of Human Geography is the 1st advisor to the most theories, suggestions and phrases widespread in geographical debates approximately gender relations.

Written by means of key participants to feminist concept, it includes over four hundred energetic and obtainable definitions of the phrases present in feminist debates which scholars of geography want to know. 4 degrees of access are used - from 50 to 1500 phrases - taking account of the various levels of complexity of the phrases covered.

From 'AIDS' to 'witch', from 'abortion' to 'whiteness', this 'Glossary' is cross-referenced all through and contains a finished bibliography. it really is a useful reference for someone learning geography and gender, allowing them to process the terminology of feminist concept and ideas with self belief.

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JR See also FRENCH FEMINIST THEORY. Androcentric Meaning literally ‘male-centred’, an androcentic approach or argument is one which privileges the experiences, actions, values and concerns of men whilst largely ignoring or marginalising those of women. First used by the American feminist Charlotte Perkins Gilman in the early part of the twentieth century to draw attention to MASCULINE bias, the term has since been used to highlight and criticise the process by which a male-centred ‘world-view’ is constructed and promoted as normative despite the fact that over 50% of the world’s population is female.

Victorian scholars lumped BIOLOGY and CULTURE together in their analysis of human populations, treating sex as a biological category that determined social roles. Franz Boas and his students, most notably Ruth Benedict (and her student Margaret Mead), criticised evolutionist approaches and argued that cultural differences explained human variation. Cultures were not viewed by these scholars as biologically inherited but rather as socially learned. Distinguishing between biological and cultural processes, these scholars recorded differences between cultures by reconstructing the histories of specific cultural complexes in geographical areas.

They may be functional, focusing on the feature’s adaptive value in particular environments. They may be causal, describing the mechanisms, maybe at a cellular or even a molecular level, involved in particular physiological processes or as necessary conditions for particular behaviour. Last, explanations may be developmental, tracing the foetal and infantile stages through which a trait becomes specialised. All of these types of biological explanation may be applied to social life. They become deterministic when they deny to social structures and practices any causal influence of their own.

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