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O- eat’ + -i ‘FIN’ loi → The only stem that is modified when -i ‘FIN’ is added to it is ou ‘eat’. As shown immediately above this stem also undergoes modification when a suffix starting in /a/ is added to it. In both cases the vowel sequence /ou/ is reduced to one of the participating vowels, but it is /o/ (resulting in /oi/) in one case and /u/ (resulting in /ua/) in the other. The other possible combinations /oa/ and /ui/ are also attested in the language (see Sec. 5), but it seems to be a result of dissimilation to shift to the higher vowel in the case of the suffixation of /a/ and to the lower vowel when /i/ is suffixed.

In’ + -ghu ‘NMLZ’ "bani ‘to fence so. or sth. 4. O’ → ga"sili Again it is impossible to predict if the stress pattern of a verb stem changes or not. 4 Stress changes "ari ‘to fish pulling a line’ "ale ‘to enter’ "egha ‘to clear an area’ "gasi ‘to close’ "ena ‘to chew betel nut’ "gozi ‘to fart’ "ene ‘to hear’ "ghagha ‘to pull off’ "ghavi ‘to paddle’ "koto ‘to move’ "izi ‘to sleep’ "mama ‘to be sour’ "kuki ‘to cook’ "pia ‘to move up’ "mimi ‘to urinate’ "putu ‘to pass’ "nyagho ‘to be first’ "rara ‘to crawl’ "nyori ‘to take a bite’ "siko ‘to steer’ Morphophonology In this section I will discuss morphophonemic processes that add, remove, or change material.

1998) and the Staged Events video clips (Staden et al. 2001), because the speakers interacted freely during these tasks. g. 06-rr bp, the example was taken from elicited material or noted during participant observation. g. AC1-013-B 009, consists of the file name (AC1-106-A or AC1-013-B) and a three-digit number. Chapter 2 Phonology The phonology of Savosavo does not differ substantially from its neighboring Austronesian languages (cf. Lynch et al. 2002). 2). 3) describes the phonotactic rules for stress assignment, and the morphological properties governing stress shift.

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