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By Mario E. Moreira

Adapting Configuration administration for Agile Teams presents very tangible ways on how Configuration administration with its practices and infrastructure may be tailored and controlled on the way to without delay profit agile groups. Written by means of Mario E. Moreira, writer of Software Configuration administration Implementation Roadmap, columnist for CM Crossroads on-line neighborhood and author for the Agile Journal, this designated booklet offers concrete information on tailoring CM for Agile initiatives with no sacrificing the foundations of Configuration administration.

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It should be able to build in a distributed nature on various platforms. It should provide the ability to automatically gather and send build errors on any platform. It should integrate easily with test tools and problem management tools. It should be easy to administer the tool and provide the ability to utilize naming conventions (labeling), the standard build process, and stages therein. When approaching the build process, a key consideration should be given to the method that is being followed and how much build feedback the team is able to handle.

1 Source Files Figure 2-5 checkout checkin Build/ Compile/ Link/ Translate modify compile test Version Change Build Release Programs/ Binaries/ Executables Submit Change Request CCB Authorizes Change Review & Authorize Change to Prod Label & Package CIs for Prod Implement Change Implement Change into Prod CM control sub-process. Version control refers to the versioning of configuration items. Changes are typically controlled by a ‘‘version control’’ process and all changes are versioned incrementally.

2 Relationship of Governance to CM ‘‘Governance’’ may be described as a specific way in which leaders steer an organization. Governance implies defining mechanisms to help drive future direction and implies defining mechanisms that verify and validate that the direction of the company and goals therein are being met. Both pieces (mechanisms for driving direction & mechanisms for verification and validation) must be in place to have a strong governance process. , stage gates), the more likely that the goals of the organization will be met based on a long-term strategy.

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