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TEX in practice. Vol.4. Output routines, tables

A compendium of data on TeX, this four-volume set bargains a close research of all good points of TeX and lots of ready-to-use-macros. TeX clients of all degrees will locate this to be a useful everlasting resource of data on one of many world's strongest typesetting platforms. sixty three illustrations.

Verification: Theory and Practice: Essays Dedicated to Zohar Manna on the Occasion of His 64th Birthday

This festschrift quantity constitutes a special tribute to Zohar Manna at the celebration of his sixty fourth birthday. just like the medical paintings of Zohar Manna, the 32 examine articles span the full scope of the logical 1/2 machine technological know-how. additionally incorporated is a paean to Zohar Manna through the amount editor. The articles provided are dedicated to the speculation of computing, application semantics, logics of courses, temporal common sense, computerized deduction, selection tactics, version checking, concurrent structures, reactive platforms, and software program verification, checking out, software program engineering, requisites specification, and software synthesis.

Information Retrieval Techniques for Speech Applications

This quantity relies on a workshop hung on September thirteen, 2001 in New Orleans, los angeles, united states as a part of the24thAnnualInternationalACMSIGIRConferenceon ResearchandDevelopmentinInformationRetrieval. Thetitleoftheworkshop used to be: “Information Retrieval concepts for Speech purposes. ” Interestinspeechapplicationsdatesbackanumberofdecades.

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V. 095 I investigated the reactivity of concentrates of resins and asphaltenes obtained in deasphalting naphtha residues and in redox reactions in processing of acid tars [1-3]. , were investigated. Practically important new products characterized by elevated thermal and radiation stability and low cost were obtained from the products of chemical transformations. Synthesis of new products from petroleum asphaltites – epoxy-containing derivatives – is described and the results of a study of their properties are reported.

The presence of absorption bands in the 1050 cm -1 region indicates the presence of primary OH groups in the products, and those in the 1100 cm-1 region indicate the presence of secondary OH groups. Bands of hydroxyl groups with hydrogen bonds appear in the 3500-3300 cm -1 region. The bands in the 1385 cm-1 region correspond to plane deformation vibrations of associated OH groups [6]. The bands in the 1080-1115 cm -1 region indicate different C – O – C bond stretching vibrations. There are also bands characteristic of the chloromethyl group.

Alkylation was conducted in the presence of aluminum chloride (4% in olefins) at 60°C and feedstock:olefins mass ratio of 1:1 for 3 h. The products were fractionated to separate the >350°C fraction. After treatment with the olefins, the VI of the paraffins and naphthenes and aromatics increased. Hydrocarbon fractions I and II separated from the initial feedstock had average molecular weights of 309-345, and their “average” molecules contained 22-25 carbon atoms and 35-40 hydrogen atoms. The H:C atomic ratios are characteristic of paraffin and naphthene and aromatic concentrates, except for fraction IV.

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