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By Paul Brumer, Stuart A. Rice, Aaron R. Dinner

This quantity of Advances in Chemical Physics is devoted, via the members, to Moshe Shapiro, previously Canada learn Chair in Quantum regulate within the division of Chemistry on the collage of British Columbia and Jacques Mimran Professor of Chemical Physics on the Weizmann Institute, who passed on to the great beyond on December three, 2013. It focuses totally on the interplay of sunshine with molecules, one among Moshe’s longstanding clinical loves. although, the big variety of issues coated during this quantity constitutes yet a small a part of Moshe’s sizeable diversity of medical pursuits, that are good documented in over three hundred study courses and books.

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Copyright (1991) AIP Publishing LLC. of the vibrational wavefunction with the corresponding channel on the dissociative excited state is essential. 2 Mode Selectivity in Larger Than Tetratomic Molecules In addition to the VMP of water isotopologues described above, VMP of many other triatomic, as well as tetratomic molecules, has been extensively studied and reviewed in detail in Refs. [30, 31] and, on ethyne isotopologues, in Ref. [32]. As explained in these papers, VMP theories and experiments that deal with tetratomic 36 SALMAN ROSENWAKS AND ILANA BAR molecules are much more complex than for triatomic.

B. Gerber. “Photochemical processes induced by vibrational overtone excitations: dynamics simulations for cis-HONO, trans-HONO, HNO(3), and HNO(3)-H(2)O,” J. Phys. Chem. A, 110: 5342–5354 (2006). 47. Y. Miller and R. B. Gerber. “Dynamics of vibrational overtone excitations of H(2)SO(4), H(2)SO(4)-H(2)O: hydrogen-hopping and photodissociation processes,” J. Am. Chem. , 128: 9594–9595 (2006). 48. M. Shmilovits-Ofir, Y. Miller, and R. B. Gerber. “Conformational transitions of glycine induced by vibrational excitation of the O–H stretch,” Phys.

Edberg. “Modeling of Norrish type-II reactions by semiempirical and ab initio methodology,” J. Org. , 59: 7061–7066 (1994). 31. D. Shemesh, Z. G. Lan, and R. B. Gerber. “Dynamics of triplet-state photochemistry of pentanal: mechanisms of Norrish I, Norrish II, and H abstraction reactions,” J. Phys. Chem. A, 117: 11711–11724 (2013). 32. D. Shemesh, S. L. Blair, S. A. Nizkorodov, R. B. Gerber. “Photochemistry of aldehyde clusters: cross-molecular versus unimolecular reaction dynamics,” Phys. Chem.

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