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Software Pipelines and SOA: Releasing the Power of Multi-Core Processing

Construct leap forward functionality into Any SOA or complex Computing ApplicationTo meet remarkable call for, IT companies needs to increase software functionality by way of an order of value. bettering functionality is much more an important in SOA environments, which call for way more computing energy than older architectures.

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The first difference is the level of abstraction of frameworks and design patterns. Design patterns are more abstract than frameworks. The implication of this difference is that frameworks are implemented in a programming language and represent reusable pieces of code that can not only be studied, but can also be executed. On the other hand, design patterns need to be implemented each time they are used, but they encode more knowledge about the trade-offs and consequences of the design. The second difference is that design patterns are smaller architectural elements than frameworks.

A purely functional description of components is not enough. The component specification can be achieved through contracts, which focus on the specification of conditions in which a component interacts with its environment. Although components may be of different sizes and very large components may be of interest, a set of components that plays a specific role is more often of interest than any one component. This leads us to frameworks. A framework describes a large unit of design, and defines the relationships within a certain group of potential participants.

Another example of a component framework is the Visual Basic development environment from Microsoft. Forms are built by adding components (controls) to a form, which was originally empty (the circuit board). The developer, through a programming language (Basic), then adds variants to the component behavior. This is done through an interface of messages and events that are exchanged between components. The form itself is also considered a component. The framework is built around the structures of a typical Windows application.

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