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Langaros, king of the Agrianes, was known to hare shown r^^ard for Aleiander even in Philip's Ufotime; he had alto been od an embesty to him perK>nally; on the present occasion he was in attendance on Alexander with liis bodyguard, the »9 ARHIAN re icaXXiVrow 3 elx«- fcal «al tvenrXindrm/t eiretSif iiui$€» inr^f dt$4^* mvrim rm^ Avru^mmjim wpOapofuvov *A\i(aphpop, oinm Tf ««! ' elpcu yap dwoXtfAmrdrov^ ru» ravTf elev, avro^ tfiffaXelv 4^ rijp X^P^'^ ayrAr, «pf T^ a4>f'repa fidXXop r$ l)^oi«ir. * Avraptdrai flip Cff dfufi tA aUri^p •*JC«»^^ Adyyapo^ Bi rd Tf ^XXa fio\6yt)

It was ds»pw fits latrpdoetory Nol^ ARRIAN *Eprav6a Jt^Umm wp^^fitt^ tt»9 *A\i(apBpop Tff TMV AXXmw Sea avropofia iBmi irpo- e wapd aomd T^ "larp^, xal wapk ^vpiiov rov TpiKeXrMy Si rwv /SaWwtf /9aaiXc«K* «al irop^ T^ M M *IoytV «oXir^ ^tciCfiiPttp ^icov KcXtoI t^ 7 /itfyoXoi fuya fVl aSiai dpo' povtrrt^' ^Xia^ Si vdirrt^ r^ *A\tfdpopav i^U' u4¥0i ^€iy S^acop, Kal waaip t6mx€ wia^u9 AXifaySpof ttaX t\a0€' rov^ KcXtov9 Bi «al ^prro 5 r« /ioXiora &5/TTtTa« airroi^ tmv

They tlMMfbt that Alexander tiad rrtfvotcd ill poaio— and thdr Moo mtMtf dot^otodt ho eraacd tho tit^T oador oovcf oC Blfht with tho ipuwdtt tto Afriaooi, tho orohets, and the tioopt of Petdkcoa aadCotMM. HohodkliofdoiBferthoratoftho amj to fAnr, hot aochif tho thoo opportoao te attack, he dhl not await the enooiotiotion, hot aoai OS on the arrhm and the Agrimne* ; tboy BUmIo O ofprlie Attack, and In oohioui, a IbrmatkNi hi whleh th^ woffo likely to noho tho atnu^icfl ooolaoght on tho OBony Jost whora ho woa weokort; thoy •lew tovoffol Of they aleplt oorfly ooiBod tho fti|^HfOi> aMoy wcfo eoofhl oikl kfled there and thoo* and many aim In their panle-atrleken and headkNig •o that iight;afoodnaadMrwcretakeoallvo.

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